What is a Virtual Office?

And why should lawyers/attorneys care?

Technology is not growing very rapidly but is bursting day by day with the invention of highly innovative ideas. A man’s level of success is only limited by only limited by his imagination. A man can change all his dreams into reality. A most innovative idea of having a virtual office was came into reality in 1994 when an IT professional Ralph Gregory founded Global Virtual Address, Inc..


It is not possible for every business owner to have a professional office and a complete setup for the management of his/her business. Also, everybody cannot bear the expenses and headache of managing an office. Such people feel Opus virtual offices in blessing in disguise.

Features cum services

Following are the main features of virtual office applications that are being sold out in market:-


It is really difficult and expensive to hire a person as reception. But luckily virtual office now provides it valued users with a feature of remote receptionist. This receptionist is multilingual.


Its services also package a virtual assistant that will help in handling client by sitting in home. Both business owner and virtual assistant hardly meet person to person.

Voice mail boxes

Voicemail is a low-cost technology that stores voice messages from the senders electronically. Recent advances in technology allow for the conversion of Voicemail messages to email making message retrieval far more convenient for business owners. Recent Studies also show that up to 75% of callers simply hang up when their call is answered by a machine.


Professional email addresses are supplied according to business needs.

Professional website

Every business in today’s life needs a professional looking website for advertising and for attracting good customers.

Professional telephone

A professional telephone number is a must!

Easily accessible professional address

A prestigious building is provided to be used as the business address.

Mailing address

A valid mailing address is a must in every business. All the correspondence is made to that


Targeted users

Virtual office is made for the people who want to start their own business and cannot afford. People who are not willing to indulge them in property leasing etc. People who cannot manage to keep their office neat and clean. People who are frustrated of paying utility bills. People who want to run their business for only short duration of time.


Virtual offices are doing a fabulous job by providing valued customers with quality services on need basis. This is really a great change. There are some virtual office provider who provide their customers with a facility of logging into their virtual office from anywhere.


There is a lot of competition in virtual office provider. Race of providing unique features with over 100 percent of quality to get the most of market customers. Due to this competition customers are now able to select from various features and services depending upon their budget. Indeed, virtual office applications have organized the lives of their customer to the next level. However, the V.O. company that stand out among the rest is Opus Virtual Offices (a review). Check them out for the best in class service, all for a low fee of $99/month, all inclusive.