Doge 4 Kids

The Dogecoin Foundation is partnering with the amazing folks at charity 4 Paws for Ability and crowdfunding platform Crowdtilt to help provide service dogs to children in need. Watch the video >>

As part of our “Doge 4 Kids” campaign, we're hoping to raise 20 million DOGE, the equivalent of US$30,000 by the end of February, 2014.

Send your DOGE donations directly to the official foundation managed address:


...or visit the Crowdtilt page where you can also donate USD.

The US$30,000 raised will help sponsor:

  • Two litters of puppies who’ll be trained and paired with children as they grow up
  • Two adult service dogs being placed with families in need

Once the campaign is funded, our friends at 4 Paws will post regular updates including photos of the sponsored puppies and service dogs, so we can track their progress.

We’ve worked closely with Crowdtilt in the past, who are helping the foundation run the campaign and process both DOGE and USD donations.

4 Paws for Ability is a comprehensive service dog organization that strives to take the “dis” out of disability by providing highly-trained service dogs to children, regardless of age, disability, or geographic location.

Since its inception in 1998, 4 Paws has placed over 650 dogs across the United States and in countries including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan and Switzerland.

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